we are Vissers Legal

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

– Michael Jordan –

About us

We are Vissers Legal


Even though our work revolves around you, we would like to tell a little about ourselves. .


Vissers Legal has existed well over 20 years and has grown from a headstrong newcomer to a self-conscious problem solver that is still a little bit different. We are legal experts par excellence in the field of corporate law and a number of exceptional specialisms

Vissers Legal was once born from an accountancy firm and arose from the customers’ need for a more practical approach to legal problems. For this reason, we constantly seek to strike a balance between legal necessity and a company’s commercial needs, in which we are also knowledgeable about figures, thanks to our background. A rare combination.


We are a legal executive department for our customers’ companies and are sincerely interested in and like to be involved with the company. If you have a problem, we are the ones you want to call.


Corporate law very often crosses borders. Our international expertise and network reaches from the USA, South America, Curaçao, via Europe to China, on to Asia, and via Australia and Africa and back home in the Netherlands again. We work without borders, understand international business and go wherever our clients go or need us.

We are the Dutch member of the European Lawyers Network. A close network of law firms in every big city in Europe and the USA (west and east coast)

Exceptional specialisms

As stated before, we like to be a little bit different, which shows from two passions in which we compete at the highest level of excellence. These are Sports and Betting and Gaming. We like to play, but because we are also very competitive and like to win, we now do this at the highest international level.

‘Magic and mystery, heroic longings, the foreshadowings of music, sculpture and logic all seek form and expression in noble play.’ – Johan Huizinga –


Vissers Legal is no old-fashioned law partnership where it is everyone for themselves. We are a team that has corporate law as a basis, in which everyone has an additional specialism that reinforces us and mostly, you. We work for our customers as a collective. And to be honest, we are good as individuals, but as a collective, we are great.

If you have any questions, please contact us.