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gaming & gambling law.

Where chance turns into certainty and fantasy turns into reality. That’s where we operate.

We know all about
gaming & gambling law.

We have been working worldwide in this particular and sometimes strongly political sector since 1991. We work for the absolute highest international level, including listed gaming and gambling companies, financial institutions, private equity companies and software and game developers. Gaming and gambling can almost be considered an exclusive specialism. In which we hold a leading position.

We advise, negotiate and litigate about:

  • Licences
  • Financing structures
  • Acquisitions
  • Objection and appeal proceedings
  • Contracts
  • Legislation, regulations
  • Developing and perfecting amusement arcades, lotteries, casinos and games

Online Gaming

Whereas in the past the focus would lie on the advising and licensing for land-based casinos, online gaming is developing at an accelerating pace worldwide. The Netherlands will be one of the last countries in Europe to allow online gaming. Our legal experts are at the front of this development and can guide you in the applications for online-gaming licenses. Here you can read our white paper about this subject.