Some things about our office of an administrative nature.

Hourly rates
The standard hourly rate is € 250 to € 350, excluding VAT. Depending on the allocated lawyer or legal expert and their specialism and/or the importance of the case.
Our fees will be agreed upon and recorded in writing at the start of the work. Should any amendments be necessary in the interim, written agreements will be set up accordingly.

On top of the fees, any bailiff’s costs, travel expenses and court fees/arbitration costs will be calculated separately and charged on.

Invoices will (in principle) be issued in arrears on a monthly basis and must be paid within seven days. Invoices are sent without any covering letters. In some cases we may need to work with advance payments, which will be arranged with you beforehand.
Any third party invoices, for example from the courts, bailiffs and such, will be charged to you as an advance payment and will be paid by us.

General Terms and Conditions
Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our quotations, services and contracts, which you can download, read and print here

We are legally obliged to identify all our clients. For legal persons, this means that at least a copy of an identity document of a legal representative has to be submitted, along with a from the Commercial Register. For natural persons, we also request a copy of the identity document. In case the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act applies to our services to you, a more elaborate duty to provide proof of identity applies, which we will discuss with you in person.