teamplayers in sports law.

Not all decisive moves are made by athletes. We improve your shot.

Only the result counts. That applies to top athletes, but also in our branch of sport. We ensure that the legal preconditions are right, so that you can focus on what is really important: performing at top level.

We know all about sports law.

“Luck and Success are what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”



If anything reflects our passion for law, it is in Sports law. Our Sports law practice group is recognised as the specialist in Sports law in the Netherlands. Additionally, we are building an international reputation at a steady pace.


Every day, we work with lots of passion for top athletes and sports companies. Ever dynamic, never dull. We use a method that is slightly different what others do. Our approach to Sports law is from the angle of Company law. We consider the top athletes we work for as employees that encounter the many aspects of the law. In this regard, we also gladly think along about the period that will inevitably follow after top sport. Our specialists constantly think about the latest developments in Sports law as legal experts, teachers and guest speakers. They are also members of the Dutch Association for Sport and Law (Vereniging voor Sport en Recht).

We advise, negotiate and litigate about:

  • Sports contract law
  • (International) Transfers
  • Employment law cases
  • Protecting personality rights (portrait rights)
  • Endorsement contracts
  • Media cases
  • Doping cases
  • Setting up an (international) legal structure
  • Supervising investments and acquisitions
  • Sports events
  • E-sports
  • Permissions and licences
  • Selection procedures for the Olympic Games, European Championships and World Championships
  • CAS and FIFA arbitration procedures

Sports transcends boundaries. For this reason, we have a large international network of legal experts, tax specialists, and advisors to provide advice around the world and reduce problems to challenges.

Because we have worked in the sports branch for this long, we understand exactly the emotion that comes with sports and the influence the media and the audience has. After all, sports management is training emotions. We are the tranquil haven you want an advisor to be. Clear, but honest.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Photo: Michael Jordan’s last shot. door: Fernando Medina (Getty Images). Greatest Sports Photo of all times.