“No achievement without relation.”
– Ruud van Nistelrooy –

Our alliances

Together, you achieve more than alone, which is why we constantly look for the best partners to help our clients even better. We believe in an international network of specialists and in a network of people you can trust.

In the Netherlands, we work with various tax specialists, lawyers with exceptional specialisms, asset managers, civil-law notaries and accountants. We are constantly looking for the best team to guarantee the highest performance.

International alliances

In the past 20 years, we have entered into many international collaborations.

Our office is the Dutch partner of the European Lawyers Network. A close-knit community of medium-sized and large law firms in every large European city and the United States (East and West Coast), that often work together internationally as a single team. For example during cross-border acquisitions or reorganisations.

Corbel Partners (China)

China is an incredible growth market and, as a country, an upcoming world power, but it is also a country with its own peculiarities. Together with our partners, we have over two decades of experience in doing business with Chinese companies and entrepreneurs. In order to be even better at this, we founded Corbel Partners five years ago. A consultancy company with experienced partners in China and Europe. Corbels Partners has by now become the strategic partner for EU companies that want to do business in China and for Chinese companies that seek to spread their wings to Europe.

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Now that we are working globally and as such without borders, we have invested in a strong network of advisors, legal experts and tax specialists in Europe and the USA over the last decades, as well as in China, India, South America, South Africa and Australia. We have good relationships with the consulates and embassies. We go where our clients go and arrange what is necessary.

To list a few of our closest friends across the border: