We gladly help where we can and with what we believe in. For this reason, we are the proud sponsor of various associations, and donor and partner to various charities or great initiatives. To list a few:

We greatly respect athletes who keep following their dream against the tides and currents and believe in chances. This is why we are proud to be a KOHS partner. KOHS.NL is an initiative by ambitious entrepreneurs and supports driven, individual top athletes and associations with a so-called “B status”, who can match the highest international level and want to practice top sports. KOHS.NL offers support and organizes that gentle boost to realize this.

´S-PORT SUPPORT is a network of companies that hold sports in ’s-Hertogenbosch dear. The companies affiliated with ´S-PORT SUPPORT, also known as partners, offer support in sports-related matters in the city. ´S-PORT SUPPORT provides support to anyone engaged (on a non-commercial basis) with the organization and execution of sports and exercise in ’s-Hertogenbosch. ´S-PORT SUPPORT combines the forces present in the city. Knowledge and expertise from the business community is used for sports-related matters. Vissers Legal has been partner to this unique initiative for many years.


  • Football club DSC Kerkdriel
  • Football club SCI in Sint-Michielsgestel
  • Football club Voetbalvereniging LRC in Leerdam
  • Football club Voetbalvereniging BVV in ’s-Hertogenbosch
  • Football club Zwaluw in Vught
  • Football club Alem
  • Ice rink IJsbaan Vught
  • Artistic roller skating club Kerrols Kerkdiel
  • Carnaval Maasdriel: Carnival society De Peuteblakers

Business clubs:

  • Basketball Club Heroes Den Bosch
  • Hockey Club Den Bosch
  • the Sponsorringen
  • Team Jumbo-Visma
  • Team Dakar Spierings